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What The Smell? 5 Odors From Your Car You Shouldn't Ignore!

Let's face it, sometimes your car stinks. Once you determine there's no dirty laundry bag in your car, what should you do? Whether its a sweet maple syrup smell or an awful dirty laundry smell, theres some odors in your car you shouldn't ignore. Learn what to do when your car starts sending smelly hints that something is not quite right.


If you're noticing a sweet maple syrup smell it probably means your coolant system is leaking. The smell is most likely coming from coolant or antifreez that has leaked out and you'll want to get that fixed before it turns into a more serious problem.

Musty/Mildew Smell

When you turn on your cars air conditioning and a blast of musty air is what comes out, there could be moisture in the system. This can lead to mold and mildew forming in your system and while it isn't that bad for the car, it definitely affects the quality of air you are breathing in while driving the car.

Burning Hair/Burning Carpet

When breaks are over used they can omit a burning hair smell. However, if you are driving normaly and you start to notice a burnt hair odor in your car, this could mean there's something wrong with the breaks. You should get this checked immeadiately.

General Burning Smell

If you're noticing a general burning smell this could mean your car is overheating or there is a problem with the oil. With either of these issues a light should come on in your dashboard but if you're smelling a burning odor its time to have the car serviced before you have a bigger issue to deal with.

Burnt Rubber

If you start smelling burning rubber and you haven't been doing donuts in the parking lot then this could mean a problem with one of the belts. It could also be an overheatted clutch plate.

If you need a vehicle inspection performed to check out a strange smell, bring your vehicle to Kehoe Auto Repair today.

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