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The Perfect Emergency Car Kit

If you’re going to the lake, the mountains, the beach, or somewhere generally unknown this summer, you should prepare for the journey there. No matter where your destination is, anything can happen on the open road. To be better prepared for the unexpected, we recommend packing these essentials in your car kit.


Simple enough to start, right? You need a bright, high-performing light source for those night drives. Whether you need to look for something in the trunk, search for tire damage, or inspect components under the hood, a flashlight is a must-have.

Medical Kit 

No emergency car kit is ever complete without the classic first-aid supplies. These are already curated to be filled with gauze, bandages, basic medicine, ointments, and many more medical remedies. We’ve got your boo-boo’s covered.


They don’t call it multi-tool for any reason. These can be your all-in-one screwdriver, file, knife, bottle opener, pliers, and more! And the best part is that they can be small to fit in your pocket. These are great for minor mechanical fixes or something else.

Tire Pressure Gauge 

Hear us out – no one wants to be a victim of a flat tire. If you suspect your tire is going out, this tool is great to have if there isn’t a gas station nearby. You can easily check your pressure and be on your way (if the tires check out). 

Jumper Cables 

If you’ve got an older car battery, it is always better to be safe than sorry and pack one of these with you. You never know whether your next startup is your last. To avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere, these are great to have your engine going again.


Some other honorable mentions include compass, reflective triangles, road flares, supply of food and water, blankets, gloves, bungee cords or rope, batteries, portable charger, and phone chargers.


These items will make your life a lot easier on the road – trust us! If your vehicle needs a quick check-up before your next road trip, feel free to visit the professionals at Kehoe Auto Repair soon.

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