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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Snow Driving Tips

Snow Driving Tips

Winter is here in Carol Stream, IL, which means you're likely to see snow and ice on the roads. If you're not comfortable driving in snowy conditions, we've got some tips to prepare you for cold weather and slippery roads. Tip #1: Properly clean the snow and ice off your car before driving Before you hop in your car to drive, you will need to get rid of snow and ice on your car. You should especially get your windshield, car lights, and other areas that can impede your line of sight. While you may turn on your defrosters, it may take a long time and excess gas. Grab your ice scraper and/or snow brush.to speed up the process  Tip #2: Drive slow When driving in unfavorable weather conditions, it is important for you to take it easy on pedals. Driving too fast can cause you to spin out of control. If you know you have somewhere to be, please leave extra time to leave early and slow down! Tip #3: Maintain a safe following distance with the car ahead You should follow ... read more

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